European Safety Cards H-I: updated 23.09.2019

Airlines Aircraft Version Other Info
Airbus A320 July 2011 1st Edition A320 Series
Airbus A320 June 2012 2nd Edition A320 Series
Hamburg Airbus A319 January 2008  1st Edition A319 Series
Hamburg Boeing 737-300 October 2007
Hamburg International Boeing 737-700 CFG 300210-98
Hamburg International Boeing 737-700 January 2003 3rd Edittion
Boeing 737-800 Issue 2
Airbus A310-200 blue card
Airbus A310-200 white card
Airbus A310-200
Airbus A310-200 HLF 310-200 Issue 01
Airbus A310-300
  Airbus A310-300  green top
Airbus A310-300 HLF 310-300 Issue 01  green top
Boeing 737-400
Boeing 737-800
Flug Boeing 737-800 blue orange top
Boeing 737-800 blue orange top
Boeing 737-800 plane without winglet
Boeing 737-800 plane with winglets
Boeing 737-800 HLF 06/03 plane without winglet
  Boeing 737-500 HLX 06/03
Boeing 737-500 HLX 02/04
Boeing 737-700 HLX 10/02
Boeing 737-700 HLX 12/02
Boeing 737-700 HLX 06/03
Airbus A320 FLIGHT OPS/Issue No. 1/APRIL 2003 ISSUE 1
TU 154M
Airbus A320 Issue 1-october 2011
Airbus A310
Airbus A340-300 FO/FS/PU No.1117 REV00 08MAY2013 CS-TQZ
Airbus A340-500 FOFSPU_N°1114_REV00_150511_Safety_Card_CS-TFX CS-TFX
Boeing 737-700 HLX 737-700. Issue 01
Fokker 100 HLX Fokker 100. Issue 03
Boeing 737-300
Boeing 737-400
Airbus A320 Vydal: LP-LPS/032/12REV02/15-05-2012
Airbus A320 OK-HCB Vydal: LP-LPS/032/12REV04/15-05-2012
Airlinair ATR 42/72 Version 02_29/05/2013
CRJ 1000 CRJ1000-R2-JUIL2015
Embraer ERJ 135/145 Edition du 30/03/2014 PN:RGI-SECU145-V4
Embraer 170 Edition du 25/08/2014 PN:RGI-SECU170-V5
Airbus A300 MADWJIB-JUN93
Airbus A319 NOV.2003
Airbus A319 AGO.2006
Airbus A319 Cod09F100/Abril09
Airbus A319 Cod09F100/Mayo11
Airbus A319 white card/ow logo
Airbus A319B Cod08F128/Mayo11
Airbus A319B 08F128 (JUL/2016) red card/ow logo
Airbus A320 MADWJIB-JUN93
Airbus A320 DIC 2000
Airbus A320 NOV.2003
Airbus A320 Cod08F101/Mayo08
Airbus A320 Cod09F101/Abril09
Airbus A320 Cod09F101/Mayo11
Airbus A320 08F101/MARZO14
Airbus A320 08F101 (01-07-2017) yellow card/ow logo
Airbus A320 08F101 (01-07-2017) orange line at the the top/yellow card/ow logo
Airbus A321 NOV.2003
Airbus A321 Cod08F102/Mayo08
Airbus A321 Cod09F102/Abril09
Airbus A321 Cod09F102/Mayo11
Airbus A321 Cod08F102/MAR14 red card
Airbus A321 white card/ow logo
Airbus A321 08F102 (NOV/2015) red card/ow logo
Airbus A321 08F102 (01-07-2017) yellow card/ow logo
Airbus A321 08F102 (01-07-2017) braun line at the the top/yellow card/ow logo
Airbus A330-200 08F151 (JUIO/2017) yellow card/ow logo
Airbus A330-200 08F151 (SEP/2017) yellow card/ow logo
Airbus A330/300 08F137/MAR14
Airbus A340 FEB 2001 Cod. 08F09
Airbus A340 NOV.2003
Airbus A340/300 Cod09F104/Abril09
Airbus A340/600 Cod08F106/Mayo08
Airbus A340/600 Cod09F106/Abril09
Airbus A340/600 Cod09F106/Mayo11
Airbus A340-600 08F106 (SEP/2017) grey line at the the top/yellow card/ow logo
Boeing 727 R-3
Boeing 747 MADWJIB-MAY 93
Boeing 757 MADWJIB-MAY 93
Boeing 757 Cod. 08F17 DIC 2000
Boeing 757/2 Cod. 08F13 NOV.2003
Douglas DC9 R-3
Douglas DC9 R 4
Douglas DC10 MADWJIB-ABR 99
MD-87 Cod. 08F24 NOV.2003
MD-88 Cod. 08F26 NOV.2003
  Airbus A320-200  REV 00- JUL 12
  Airbus A320-200 REV 01- SEP 13
  Airbus A320-200 REV 03-MAR 14
Airbus A320-200 REV04-SEP17 Big red lines and big date
Airbus A320-200 REV04-SEP17 thin red lines and thin date
ATR-72/500 Version 3-2005
CRJ 200 Septiembre 2000 Version 1-b
CRJ 200 octubre 2010 Version 3
CRJ 900 CRJ-900 Version-4 Octubre 2014
CRJ 1000 CRJ-1000 Version-6 Marzo 2017
Fokker 50
Fokker 50 Operated by 
Airbus A-320
Airbus A320 big card
Airbus A330 A330-200
Boeing 757-200
Boeing 757-200 FB051-R1
Boeing 757-200 FB051-R2 10 Exits
Boeing 757-200 FB053-R3 8 Exits
Boeing 757-300 FB052-R3 12 Exits
Boeing 757-200
Airbus A321
   Boeing 737-800
  Airbus A310
  TU 134 I/16/01/1-3/88
Dash 8/300
 Boeing 727